Our relocation services we include:

  • Pre-arrival assistance to the country: we will electronically send you a "welcome pack" with information about the city where you will live, maps of main attractions, etc.
  • Booking hotel on arrival.
  • Search Property: We help you with the selection of properties through the guidance of professionals in the field and we will provide you with assistance through a notary public in regard to the arrangements for both buying or renting your new home.
  • We will guide you to easily contract the basic services: electricity, water, telephone, cable tv, etc.
  • We provide you with a cleaning service of your home prior to the arrival of your move.
  • We will provide you with a guide for the selected neighborhood where you will find the different educational options for your children, clubs, recreational areas, supermarkets, shopping malls, etc.
  • We help you to obtain the "necessary documents" such as: legal residence, assistance with driver's license, vehicle insurance and others, rental, purchase, vehicle registration, etc.

We know that moving to a new city is complicated and that is why we have added to our services what we call "relocation". This service involves providing our foreign customers who come to live in Uruguay with all kind of information and assistance concerning our country that can be useful for a quick adaptation.

If you approve our offer we will begin immediately with the coordination of the service.