Our global services include:

  • High quality Packaging all your belongings.
  • Supply of materials needed.
  • Manufacture of wooden crates and skeletons if required to transport art pieces, glass, fragile objects, etc.
  • International freight: sea, air or land, depending on the destination.
  • Experienced crew for loading - unloading and unpacking at destination.
  • Electronic tracking of shipments.

We take care of moving your personal effects from any point on the globe to Uruguay and vice versa. Our service is complete, which means that we handle all the development of the moving through an expert network of agents worldwide. The international service of "Grupo Mudanzas del Sur" begins with a visit to your home at no cost or commitment (both in Uruguay and abroad) in order to observe the particular characteristics of your move, estimate the volume of it, select which shall be the proper packaging for your belongings and talk with you about your concerns and needs. After this visit we will work on the preparation of an adequate budget for you based on the previously evaluated and it will be sent via e- mail or to your home, as you prefer. If you agree with our offer our traffic & coordination department will plan the most convenient way to develop the service for you.

If you approve our offer we will begin immediately with the coordination of the service.